• Job Opening: YMC E-commerce Assistant

    YMC E-commerce Assistant

    The Job:

    An exciting opportunity to join a successful, fast growing and highly respected fashion label. You will be based in East London supporting the E-commerce team, helping to administrate and grow the online side of the business. Day to day your role will concentrate on organising and processing customer orders, managing customer service requirements, organising stock and helping us to meet our customer expectations.

    Background: YMC (You Must Create) has spent nearly 20 years developing and evolving their unique signature look. Founded in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, YMC creates modern, functional clothing which eschew trends in favour of understated, wearable style. With a strong, directional approach which resonates with like minds, YMC has quietly evolved into a highly significant British label.


    • Fulfilment and distribution of daily web orders and returns

    • Generating weekly sales and shipment reports

    • Implementing a high level of customer service

    • Managing online stock levels

    • Uploading product information and imagery on a seasonal basis

    • Assisting on planning and execution of E-commerce web shoots

    Experience & Requirements:

    • Ideally we would like existing experience within a retail sales environment

    • The ability to drive the highest standards in all aspects of retail operations

    • Strong organisational and administration skills

    • Flexibility to suit the requirements of the business

    • Exemplary customer service skills

    To apply for this position, please email contact@youmustcreate.com before 18.03.14

  • Paper Faces by Michael Grater from 1968

    These children’s paper face masks are excerpts from one of the books by Michael Grater, entitled Paper Faces. While many of his masks had sinister qualities to them, each was accompanied by a simple step-by-step guide for children to create the masks.



  • Raymond Loewy: Happy Birthday

    Today’s Google Doodle image celebrates the birthday of Raymond Loewy, the late industrial designer who created the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, Shell and BP logos.

    Described as ‘the father of industrial design’, todays google doodle is Loewy’s design for S1 Steam locomotive.

    YMC designer, Fraser Moss, chose to borrow Loewy’s famous slogan “You Must Create” when naming his company. Urged on by Raymond Loewy’s emphatic injunction, “You must create,” YMC have gone on to do just that.

    You can read all about Loewy’s legacy here and shop here. 

  • Jan Švankmajer – The Inner Life of Objects

    Jan Švankmajer – The Inner Life of Objects, an exhibition that heralds the 50th anniversary of the first film made by Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer. Alongside artefacts from the 50 years of film making, The Inner Life of Objects presents an array of prints and sculptures.


    University of Brighton Gallery 11 October – 2 December 2013