We’re offering 20% off on all YMC products this weekend, in celebration of Black Friday.
    Use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY‘ at checkout before midnight on Monday.

    In case you were wondering, the original ‘Black Friday’ happened in 1869, when some
    investors tried (and failed) to corner the gold market, causing a massive financial crisis in
    the US. Nowadays, it’s an excuse for us to limber up for our Christmas shopping – or
    engage in fisticuffs with fellow shoppers, if you’re that way inclined.

    In our efforts to avoid a retail armageddon, we’ve included some soothing sounds for you
    to enjoy below – Steely Dan’s ‘Black Friday’, of course.


    While we don’t expect any apocalyptic scenes like those below, we’re embracing the
    Black Friday madness and offering 20% off on all YMC pieces until midnight at Monday.
    Just use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ when you reach the checkout. We’ve recently added
    somelovely new accessories online too, including lambswool and merino scarves and
    hats to help you keep the cold to a minimum.



    We’re highlighting some more winter-appropriate pieces this week, now that December is
    almost upon us. We featured our scuba-wool High Altitude Jacket a few weeks ago, and
    it’s still one of our favourite outwear pieces of AW15 – alongside some key accessories.
    For women, lambswool knits and our classic peg trousers (a YMC staple) are solid
    investments to beat the winter blues. 

    Shop the looks below.



    High Altitude Jacket

    Zip Gloves

    Tweed Mitten Scarf

    Goodyear Welted Derby Show in Black



    Butterfly Crew Knit in Navy

    Peg Trousers in Navy

    Mini Satchel Bag in Red


    Currently running at the Wellcome Collection is ‘yellowbluepink’, a multi-sensory
    installation by Brussels-based artist Ann Veronica Janssens. Janssens describes the show
    as an attempt to ‘push perceptions to the limits’, to deliberately disorientate the viewer
    and invite a mix of emotions. Participants enter the gallery to be enveloped in a haze of
    multi-coloured mist – visibility is limited to the lush, bright colours filling the space, so that
    all sense of surface and depth is taken away. The result is a somewhat surreal, yet oddly
    calming experience.

    The installation is the first show launching ‘States of Mind’, a year-long endeavor by the
    Wellcome Collection which aims to explore the experience of human consciousness. If
    ‘yellowbluepink’ is anything to go by, we’re intrigued to see what the further projects have
    in store for viewers.

    Vist ‘yellowbluepink’ at the Wellcome Collection before it closes on January 3rd. Timed
    ticketing is in operation, so we recommend getting there early.

    C0124383 States of Mind: Ann Veronica Janssens. YBP2 YBP3


    Born in Athens in 1981, Petros Koublis describes his work as an attempt to ‘challenge the
    authority of the mind over our reality’. After dabbling in painting during his teenage years,
    in 2000 he chose to dedicate himself to photography instead – a wise choice we think,
    after coming across his beautiful work.

    Koublis’ work captures strange, ethereal landscapes that almost seem too vast and
    captivating to exist. His project ‘Vedema’ – a response to the Greek financial crisis – casts
    Santorini in a dreamlike light, far from the traditional tourist imagery usually associated with
    the Greek island. Animals and natural landscapes form the core of Koublis’ work. You can
    view more of his photography here.

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