• YMC at Liberty London

    Liberty London kindly invited us to have a pop up in their footwear department for the duration of October. A perfect way to show off our AW14 range of footwear including our star print shoes, boots and Solovair collaboration. We decorated the wall with our seasonal thick denim print of stars and we’re pretty happy with the result so pop down and take a look!

  • We’re hiring!

    YMC E-commerce Intern

    The Job: An excellent opportunity to join a successful and fast growing E-commerce business, you will be based in East London as a E-commerce intern. You will be involved with assisting and supporting the team, making and processing sales, providing online customer service and the role will also have a focus on exemplary customer service and stock management.

    Background: YMC (You Must Create) has spent nearly 20 years developing and evolving their unique signature look. Founded in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, YMC creates modern, functional clothing which eschew trends in favour of understated, wearable style. With a strong, directional approach which resonates with like minds, YMC has quietly evolved into a highly significant British label.

    Your involvement in our team will require a great deal of organisation, working to deadlines and to provide a good heap of excellent customer service! We are a small team and a nice one at that, so be expected to get involved in pretty much all aspects of the business. Your general role will consist of the following:


    Fulfilment and distribution of daily web orders
    Generating weekly sales and shipment reports
    Implementing a high level of customer service
    Uploading product information and imagery on a seasonal basis.

    Experience & Requirements:
    Experience within a retail sales environment
    The ability to drive the highest standards in all aspects of retail operations
    Flexibility to suit the requirements of the business
    Exemplary customer service skills

    Minimum 3 months

    Travel and lunch paid for

    Please email CV’s: orders@youmustcreate.com

  • Solovair x YMC

    We’ve proudly come together with Solovair to fuse our contemporary design with a remarkable british classic shoe maker. Solovair established in 1881, translating from ‘sole – of – air’ were the first producers of the the Dr Martens air cushioned sole in 1959 and have been manufacturing quality british made shoes ever since. Each pair are hand made with in their factory in Northamptonshire, an area famous for quality british shoe making. Cutting no corners, the shoes pass through around 200 processes before being boxed and ready to sell.

    ‘Rather than have a continuous production line, which we believe offers the operative no time to notice and correct any errors, Solovair is organised in areas according to distinct stages of production. Each pair is only passed from one area to another when the respective operative is satisfied they are ready. In this respect, there is a far slimmer chance that an unsatisfactory shoe or boot will result at the end of the production process. In effect it is a continuous quality control process not employed by many other factories.’

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  • YMC Quilted Bomber Jacket

    A key piece across menswear and womenswear for YMC’s AW14 range, the Quilted Bomber Jacket with it’s unmistakable stitched floral design. The inspiration for the jacket’s pattern came from an old Japanese smoking gown that was drawn up and then given to the makers to develop the pattern from. Each jacket has a completely unique style of the design and is our famous YMC bomber fit.

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  • Julie Eilenberger

    Julie Eilenberger joined the YMC team as womenswear designer just in time to work on our AW14 collection along side YMC menswear creative director, Fraser Moss. Already being huge fans of Julie’s work we were beyond excited to have her on board and the results have certainly not disappointed. The past few years Julie has studied and worked from Florence, Berlin and now in London constantly gaining recognition for her collections.

    How’s it going settling in to the YMC family?

    The YMC team have been extremely welcoming, so already feel part of the “family”!

    How would you describe your creative process? 

    A bit like a blue whale absorbing as much as possible and then filtering the substance. I like to work with a really open mind and take in as much info and inspiration as possible and then put things in order after.

    How do you find a balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the collection??

    I am very driven by the contrast of things and places. I need the fast and overwhelming city as much as I need the quiet and calm countryside where I grew up. I love classical music as much as I love progressive noise and I can drink green smoothies in the morning followed by a pub lunch. It is this tension and balance between the extremes which excites me, and this is how I puzzle a collection together. A good collection is a marriage between romantic/minimal, soft/structured and feminine/masculine.

    How have you adapted your own style to suit that of our mens creative director, Fraser Moss? 

    Fraser has been perfecting the YMC man for over 20 years now and does an amazing job. For me it was really important to keep the heritage elements from YMC for the womenswear while at the same time bring something new. There is a lot of menswear inspired pieces and actual crossovers from the menswear, but this is mixed with more feminine silhouettes and fabrics to get the right balance. I myself like to wear boyish clothes as much as I like to wear silk dresses and this is  what I wanted to bring to the brand.

    How do your personal interests inspire your work? 

    I am a frequent cinema attendant and I often get the best ideas while watching movies. Music is another permanent work drug. I simply cannot work without music, and I go through faces of genres depending on the mood and feel for the season. Right now Im going through a 70s early 80s jazz and soul period while last season it was more late 80s early 90s psychedelic noise pop.

    Favourite piece from this season? 

    The satchel bag. In all primary colours.

    Reading any books at the moment?

    Just finished 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I read the last chapters super slow, as I wanted it to last longer. Amazing book and author. Now Im onto “The Benefactor” which was the debut novel by Susan Sontag on dreams and reality.

    Plans for YMC’s future without giving too much away? 

    We started with 1 bag, and lets just say that we will add to the family.

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