• YMC_wears: Jody Moss


    Hi Jody! Where are you from?

    Originally north Kent, then London. I’ve lived in Brighton for the past 10 years and love it.
    Its a pretty relaxed place but still has a buzz about it, and you have the beach, which is
    lovely. We’re framed by the downs so you can be in the middle of nowhere in a 10 minute

    What do you do at YMC?

    I’ve worked with YMC from the very early days – firstly as in-house PR and now as E-
    commerce stylist and copy writer.  Fraser [YMC menswear designer] is my husband so I
    help him out sometimes with various errands.

    How long have you been at YMC?

    - Since time began.

    Why have you chosen these pieces?

    Broderie Anglais is an excellent fabric for summer and I love the simplicity of this dress; its
    easy to wear, plus its got pockets! The white leather plimsols are a really simple lo-fi
    design and they’ve got a real authentic look about them – the wrap sole is pretty
    hardwearing too, which is perfect.

    Any three people you’d have round for dinner?

    The League of Gentlemen: Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith in various
    characters would be a bizarre and very funny night.

    Favourite biscuit?

    McVitie’s Fruit shortcake. I know boring and old fashioned but I could literally eat a packet
    in one sitting and not feel sick. I have to have them with a mug of strong but milky tea

    Tell us something we don’t know?

    I don’t iron anything, life’s too short.


    What do you get up to on the weekend?

    Nothing too full on – gardening, painting or just hanging out my family.  I do like a date
    night out, a late-night film or a meal out with friends in Brighton. 64 Degrees and Food for
    Friends are two favourites.

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Well, I seem to be listening to a million bonkers obscure songs that Fraser is ear-marking
    for the LCM menswear show in June. It’s that time of year. On my iPod I like to run to
    something noisy, like The Amps, The Pixies or Trail of Dead. At home, it’s something more
    soothing like Warpaint.

    What are you watching at the moment?

    I LOVE sci-fi and fantasy.  I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones so I’ve just started watching
    series 5. I also love a dark perioddrama – Wolf Hall is one of the best I’ve seen.

    Favourite place?

    West Wales. Its magical and unspoilt.

    Favourite restaurant/bar?

    The Black Dove in Kemp Town, Brighton. Excellent cocktails and loads of different ciders
    plus you get some really interesting DJ’s turning up, its a great meeting place near to
    where I live.

    If you were given a super power what would it be?

    To click my fingers and everything gets tidied up. I’m super messy and create a bit of a
    weird nest around myself. The flip side is my bag has often been mistaken for a bin and I
    have to have a frenzied tidy-up if anyone threatens to come round.


    Jody wears the new in Broderie Anglaise Dress in black and Low Side Leather Trainer in

  • YMC recommends

    We’ve put together a selection of some upcoming exhibitions we’re most excited about at
    YMC – perfect if you’re looking to catch your culture fix in London this week:

    Tamas Dezso: Notes for an Epilogue

    The Photographers’ Gallery brings the work of Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso to
    the UK for the first time in their upcoming exhibition, titled ‘Notes For An Epilogue’.
    Nostalgic and sensitive, the exhibition is a portrait of Romania’s scenery, people and dying
    traditions. In a post-Communist era, Deszo’s photographs capture the crumbling buildings
    and deserted villages of Eastern Europe. The muted palettes and wintery landscapes tell a
    captivating story of cultural disintegration and personal resilience – Deszo aims to capture
    images of a Romania that is rapidly changing, and may disappear entirely. ‘Notes For An
    Epilogue’ is a beautiful and eye-opening show – it opens on 17th April at the
    Photographers’ Gallery, and there’s no admission fee.

    Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.13.00 Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.13.36Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.12.52

    Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award

    We’re excited to see what the artists and creators of the future have in store for us at the
    Royal Academy of Arts’ latest exhibition, opening on April 18th. The exhibition aims to
    promote and showcase upcoming and unrepresented artists in the UK, providing support
    and funding to allow them to create brand-new, site-specific works. The judges have
    handpicked a shortlist of artists, all of whom will have their art on display – expect to see
    some forward-thinking works.

    1107514 1107522

    Sonia Delaunay

    Tate Modern are celebrating the iconic work of artist Sonia Delaunay with a retrospective
    exhibition, opening on April 15th. A key figure in modern art, Delaunay’s huge, brightly-
    coloured paintings will be displayed alongside the loud textiles and clothes that she
    designed and wore herself,. Vibrant and inspiring, the exhibition champions her colourful
    contribution to avant-garde art. This is the first UK exhibition to showcase the breadth and
    experimentation of Sonia Delaunay’s work, and it’s not to be missed.


  • YMC in Grazia Magazine

    This week we’ve been featured in Grazia with our women’s Dotted Denim Jacket.

    Available online now with matching jeans and dress.




  • DICE music app


    Our latest discovery – DICE is a new music app helping music fans to snap up gig tickets
    and since downloading it, we’ve been wondering how we lived without it for so long. The
    idea behind the app is to cut out the middle man when it comes to attending shows –
    there are no booking fees, and no need to print out tickets. Perfect.

    With the landscape of the music industry becoming ever more digital, Dice couldn’t have
    come along at a better time. Launched as a collaborative venture between industry
    veteran Phil Hutcheon and digital studio ‘Ustwo’, the app has already made it into the Best
    New Apps on the Apple Store.

    The founders aim to combat profiteering villains by allowing fans to join waiting lists for
    sold-out shows, and buy tickets at face-value before they make it into the hands of touts.
    The team behind Dice work to provide a handpicked selection of the best gigs in London –
    creating a specially curated platform of must-see concerts. It’s straightforward to use and
    simply designed, and perfect for discovering new artists in a live setting. If you’re a music-
    lover in London, the Dice app might just be your new best friend.

    Russ Tannen

    Hi russ, what do you do at DICE?

    Hey, I’m Head of Music at DICE, which means I’m responsible for making sure we have
    the very best gigs happening in your city, and de-facto responsible for making sure there is
    something decent playing on our office Sonos, which is a full time job in itself.

    How do you see the music/ticket market changing in the next few years?

    We’re going to be entering a new age of transparency and fairness for fans. We’re seeing
    that already with the recent consumer rights bill that is being thrashed out in parliament.
    We’re hugely encouraged by the market in places like France, where secondary ticketing is
    completely illegal to protect fans from overpaying for tickets, and promoters are working
    on reducing booking fees. You’ll also be buying tickets from your iWATCH and paying via

    Any artists you’ve managed to see yourself through DICE?

    Many. The first show on DICE was the awesome Adult Jazz at Electrowerkz, check out
    their debut album ‘Gist Is’ which came out last year. The residency series that happen at
    XOYO every Saturday night is always good, next up is Benji B with guests including
    Skepta, Hudson Mohawke and Four Tet which will be fun. I’m also going to head up to
    Manchester to catch Lapsley in April.

    What bands / gigs can we expect from DICE in 2015?

    We’ve just launched in Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow, with an amazing series of events
    from Red Bull Music Academy, we’ll be building on the number of events in those cities,
    so if you live there expect to find much more of your favourite artists in the coming weeks
    and months. We’re adding new events every day, but also importantly we hand pick the
    very best gigs and club nights – so you don’t have to wade through hundreds to
    findanartist you love.

    Will DICE ever stretch into the festival market? 

    We already have! You can buy tickets for Field Day, Farr, Eastern Electrics, Dot to Dot,
    Visions, the British Summer Time events at Hyde Park which includes Taylor Swift, Blur,
    The Who and The Strokes and there is many more coming. All available with No Booking
    Fees which is a huge saving.

    What can we expect from the DICE podcasts?

    The fantastic Jen Long who works here as our Music Editor has just started on a series of
    podcasts, we’ve not limited ourselves to a set of rules or a theme, but expect an in depth
    look into something special that is happening right now. The first is an absolute must listen
    where Jenheaded to LA to meet the founders of the soon-to-be-legendary Burger


  • London Terrariums

    We’re welcoming spring at YMC with the return of London Terrariums to our Hanbury St
    and Poland St stores. These self-sufficient ecosystems have been a firm favourite of ours
    since their first in-store stint last year, and this time the London-based company have
    added some beautiful desert terrariums and cactii at our Soho branch, too. We’re keeping
    all the terrariums in our stores for ourselves this time, but you can pick up your own by
    emailing them via their website Londonterrariums.com