Making Jamaica: Photography from the 1890s

At a time when Jamaica was seen as a new attractive place for business and tourism, Autograph ABP gives us an inside look of what it was like in the 1890s. Although still under British rule, for the first time, its people are depicted as an industrious nation post-emancipation.

Selected from Patrick Montgomery’s Caribbean Photo Archive, ‘Making Jamaica’ hosts over 70 photographs, lantern slides and stereocards exhibited for the first time. These are alongside a new commission colour-corrected by Ingrid Pollard.

Throughout the collection you can enjoy the untouched tropical flora surrounding dirt roads and Jamaican Georgian architecture, and get an idea of what life may have been like for regular Jamaican people within the same lifetime of the slavery abolition.

This free exhibition runs through 22 April at Rivington Place. Find out more information on the Autograph ABP website.