Staff Travel Story: Al in the Isle of Skye


Our e-commerce manager took a short trip to the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands with his best mate Toby. This post kicks off our new blog feature showcasing some of our staff’s trips around the world.


What was the most fascinating spot on this hike?

We hiked around the Quiraing and then the Old Man of Storr trails, we actually managed to squeeze two into 24 hours, which I wouldn’t recommend but we only had one full day to explore properly. I honestly did not know that these types of landscapes and insane views were accessible without going on a plane from London. The most fascinating spot was deciding to stop for lunch right on the edge of a cliff face that was in the middle of the main valley.


If you were to go back, is there anything you’d do differently? 

Taken my bike and stayed for longer. I’m heading back in June for a long weekend with my road bike.


Where were you staying on this trip?

We stayed in a small fishing town called Uig, I’d highly recommend it. There’s a pub there with all the local breweries’ beers on offer and also something like 45 different types of gin, it was called The Ferry Inn. If you wanted to ‘pop down the shop’ then you needed to let the shop know 24 hours in advance so they could prepare. I think this changes slightly in the summer months but was quite refreshing knowing not every single thing was at our finger tips.


Was there a soundtrack to the trip?

I got the train from London to Glasgow, where I met my friend Toby who lives there. We then drove from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye which was the most incredible 5 hour car journey I’ve ever experienced; the landscape constantly changing around us and always throwing out surprises. For this 5 hour car journey through the Scottish Highlands you can’t actually pick up any radio stations, so we were armed with a single CD that Toby had recently bought from a petrol station for 99p. It was called ‘Pride – The Very Best Of Scotland’ and featured 40 Scottish bangers. I think we must have listened to it about 7 times through.


Tall peakRiver in a valleyToby amongst rocksReflection in a lakeToby hiking Bull by a lakeWarm sun on the landscape