Staff Travel Story: Julie in Wales

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We’re sadly saying goodbye to our womenswear designer of 5 years, Julie Eilenberger, but managed to catch her to ask about her most recent trip in Wales.

“After some great recommendations from Fraser Moss, our creative director who grew up in Wales, we decided on 2 areas – Brecon Beacons, a stunning mountainous fairytale landscape in the middle of Wales and ended our trip on the picturesque coastal line of Pembrokeshire.”


What was the most fascinating spot on this hike?

It must have been the overwhelming landscape of the Brecon Beacons. Coming from a completely flat country, where the highest point, (more like a small hill), is called “The Sky Mountain”, I must admit to be rather scared of heights. So doing this trip, was a bit of a personal victory for me but also the scenery was so breathtaking that I forgot about my fear most of the time.


If you were to go again is there anything you’d do differently?

Stay longer and do a boat trip in St. Davids!


Where were you staying on this trip?

On the first part of the trip we stayed in Brecon, a small town, with mainly hiking shops and a few pubs. Great to see old grannies doing their grocery shopping in hiking backpacks!

On the second part of the trip, by the coast, we stayed in a lovely little village called Solva, very close to St. Davids. We were staying in the loveliest B&B who were serving us Giant Crumpets and Welsh Rarebits for breakfasts and assisted on planning our hiking routes and even offered to pick us up if we would get lost. Would definitely go back there anytime.


What was the soundtrack to the trip?

We were doing a road trip, so there was lots of classic stuff like George Michael and Simon & Garfunkel.


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