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ymc_suede_1Suede, just like leather, is a smart investment if given a little care and attention when needed. There’s a lot of advice out there about how to look after your suede shoes and boots, but not your pieces above the ankle…. So we asked the professionals who provide our soft suede how to maintain it or maybe sort any last minute accidents. Although we will go on to list below some handy ways to get out of a sticky situation, the most effective way to keep your suede treated as best as possible is taking it to a specialist dry cleaner. It might not always be cheap, but they know their stuff. As we’re aware that isn’t always an option, this is a guide on how to care for your suede against all kinds of stains.


Small scuffs or black marks

Dig out the old pencil case, something we’re amazed that actually works for small scuffs or marks is gently rubbing with a white eraser. Make sure you push in the same direction and do not use a coloured eraser as the colouring can leak into the suede.


Dirty marks or mud

A suede brush! They’re worth investing in for a few reasons, it can be your number one go-to for any stain within reason and is good to maintain your suedes nap. Although it can look like something you’d use to destroy your clothes at first, using gentle strokes in the same direction can be an effective step to start. Keeping the pressure to a minimum and making sure you do not perform on a hard surface underneath as you’re risking permanently marking the suede. We’re personally fans of the Joseph Cheaney & Sons brush, you can find this here.


Hot/cold drink stains

How to remove wet stains from suede? Do not immediately rub the stain in a panic or you may cause irreversible damage spreading the mess and fading the suede. Instead, with a clean cloth, blot the area trying to soak up as much of the liquid as possible, always using a clean area of the cloth as not to spread. When you’ve soaked up as much as you can, let it dry. Then either try the eraser trick mentioned above or use a suede brush until the stain is removed. Remember to take it easy as you do not want to lose the colour of the suede.


Using Suede Protector?

Can suede protector damage suede? This can be great for shoes or any suede garment but you need to be aware it can drastically change the look and finish of the suede. This may not be a problem for some but if you’ve parted with a fair amount for your new suede piece you may want to keep it looking as you bought it. We recommend testing the protector on a section on the inside that is a secondary layer and does not reverse onto the outside.


Wet Suede

Can you get your suede wet? It’s not ideal, but it’s not game over if you’ve been caught in the rain or worn it on your favourite water ride. The first point to take into consideration is to not leave in direct sunlight or tumble dry as the light and heat can damage and discolour the suede. When hanging your piece up to dry, use a wide plastic hanger (not wood) that will keep the shape of the jacket. Whilst the suede is wet it can transfer varnish or other finishes from wood onto the garment. You do not want it to dry with creases in the shoulders, so use something similar to a suit hanger as possible. Lastly, make sure your jacket is zipped, buttoned and put back into original shape so it doesn’t misshapen whilst drying.

Top tips

  • We recommend occasionally gently brushing your suede with a suede brush to restore the nap (the outer layer of suede).
  • Never leave in direct sunlight!
  • Always read the care label, regardless of price, not all suede is the same.
  • Suede is a natural product so it will naturally wear and age over time – this is a normal characteristic.

If you’ve unfortunately got oil or grease on your suede then it’ll be a job for a specialist dry cleaner as this is beyond a surface stain.

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