YMC’s Halloween Top 6(66) Records


YMC’s very own Fraser Moss has handpicked and supplied you with some
halloween records from his prize 7″ collection to keep you on your claws and away from the trap doors.


“Weird synth madness from Belgium, a rare one with an amazing picture cover.”


“One of my all time fav’s, out of Italy comes this slab of dirty mutant madness from 1979 way ahead of its time.”


“From the genius Of Lalo Schifrin comes this weird unsettling slice of creepy disco from the movie , it’s a nice cheap 45 that will give you nightmares.”



“Slasher electronic disco vibes from the iconic movie.”


“Out of the ashes of the seminal no wave band the Contortions come this dark little post punk tune, loved this one so much I used the song for one of our YMC catwalk shows… Can’t remember which one though.”


“Slow n sleazy Italo disco tune that’ll be sure to give you the willys.”