Record Store Day 2018 – five subversive selections


It’s that time of year again! Record Store Day is finally upon us and it’s a big date in the calender for all at YMC. With the sun finally beaming across London town, we’re all set to mark the occasion with a Soho street party in celebration of our great local record spots.


Naturally we turn to our creative director and co-founder, Fraser Moss, to share five alternative record selections unearthed from his personal archives. Expect left of centre digs from all corners of the globe.


Record 1
AK-47 – Stop! Dance! UK 1981 7”

A hypnotic piece of post punk minimal synth. This is an early 80s attempt at electronic dance with the added bonus of a vocoder chant of “STOP, DANCE, AK-47”. This would fill the floor in my imaginary robot disco in the sky but unfortunately the reality would be somewhat different.



Record 2

Paul Nicholas- Run Shaker Life, Polydor Italian,1970 7”

An actor/singer most recently seen in Eastenders. But he’s probably more famous for his role in the tepid unfunny 80s comedy called Best of Friends & arguably making one of the worse hits in the history of the pop charts, 1976’s Grandma’s party. However 6 years before after riding high on the success of Jesus Christ Superstar he released this 45 with the b side containing Run Shaker Life. This is a high octane hippy psych dancer with an incredible percussion break which never lets you down.



Record 3

Ahmed Fakroun- Soleil Soleil, Paris Disques, France1983 7”

This 45 is by the legendary Libyan singer who helped pioneer modern Arab music. This particular tune was cut while living in Paris & is a perfect blend of traditional Arabic melody & early 80s dance, always always a top party tune for me.



Record 4

Drums Music Show- Samedi Soir, Drums Ediizioni Musicali, Italy 1979 7”

A piece of double sided Italo disco madness say no more.



Record 5

Yamasuki’s- Yama Yama, Telefunken, German 1971? 7”

Yamasuki were a mystery band created by Jean Kruger & Daniel Vangarde. They were fronted by a black belt judo teacher & a Japanese school choir & If this concept wasn’t mad enough the track Yama Yama on the b-side of this 45 also included fat hip hop drums. It’s not a particularly rare 7” but it ticks every box for me. When I used to play this out many years ago people’s jaws would drop, however the shock value may have waned a little due to the Lp being reissued many times but still in my top 20.