Hi Rachel, really great to meet you. Could you start by explaining Wilder Botanics in a nutshell please?

Everything about the whole body system and feeling nurtured by nature is Wilder Botanics – a ritual of wellness made with oils, salts, clays and balms for the outside, and biodynamic tinctured herbs and infusions for the inside. All our products are made from the finest wild-crafted and organic ingredients in sustainable packaging. We’re all about the healing benefits of the best quality herbs.

You’re a naturopath, an iridologist and a herbalist. Can you tell us what these skills entail and your path to learning and practicing these disciplines?

A naturopath looks at the whole person, not just the symptom, and treats them with many different holistic methods such as nutrition, herbs and homeopathy, and suggests a general lifestyle plan often with other complementary therapies such as acupuncture and yoga. Iridology is a diagnostic tool which helps to look at the genetic make up of an individual using iris markings which helps to give a deeper understanding of a person’s strengths and weaknesses.



What is it about herbs that are so special and how can we all use them to benefit our health and wellbeing?

Herbs have been used for preventing and curing illness for centuries. They’re actually still the first – and sometimes only – way of healing for around 80 per cent of the world’s population. They are rich in nutritious phytonutrients that work to rebalance the whole being – not just treating the symptoms but working with the underlying cause. They work on the whole person – the physical, mental, emotional and even the spiritual. The constituents within specific herbs help strengthen and tone specific organs and body systems.

You offer a wide range at Wilder Botanics from skincare to teas. Can you give us a quick overview of what people can buy from you?

Yes. We have a range of beauty products. We believe beauty helps with healing. When we feel and look our best, we feel at our most balanced. The Wilder beauty products are an organic day and night face oil with delicious oils – super high in antioxidants such as prickly pear, meadow foam, an Arctic blackcurrant seed oil, a rose otto and two body oils using cold-pressed rose hip and sun-infused Calendula, sea buckthorn and green tea oils. Our bath range works deeply on relaxation of the muscles but also on the emotional self, working also with the solar plexus to release anxiety and tension. Our infusions are all whole herb and organic, developed as a continuation of my practice working one-on-one with clients. They are therapeutic blends developed to support the nervous system, nourish the eliminative organs, to assist where there’s congestion and help with vitality, serenity and even keeping the cells protected from environmental stressors. Our tinctures are also formulated to help protect, support, cleanse and nourish with the best organic and biodynamic herbs.



You’re a husband and wife team as well. That means spending a lot of time together and being able to switch seamlessly between your personal and professional relationships. How do you find working and living together?

Working together has been a lot easier than I imagined. I’m the youngest of four so I’m used to either being the fiery one or sometimes trying to multitask at a rapid pace. Charlie, on the other hand, is the constant, level-headed one and generally moves forward at an even pace and, fortunately, probably the kindest person I’ve ever met. I absolutely love working with him and envisioning Wilder’s future with him. I suppose the only downside is that we work seven days a week. This has its benefits but it can also be exhausting. It’s a fine balance, as is having four kids.

You have a shop on Broadway Market in east London as well.

It’s such a special little shop with the most beautiful window and the road opens up at the end of Broadway Market onto London Fields; it’s really lovely. We’ve met some brilliant, inspirational people who are so interested in herbs and what we are doing, sharing their stories and bringing invaluable feedback to Wilder. The locals have been so welcoming too. It actually feels like we’ve been here much longer than we have. Every day is different than the one before. And when we’re not in the shop we’re creating and making in our studio.

What’s next for Wilder Botanics?

We have a few new products coming to Wilder that we have been testing for the last year. We try to only bring out products that we feel are really needed, with a high therapeutic value and as little carbon footprint as possible. The magnolia balm is the one though that I’m most excited about; I love it. It should finally be available this September.

Matcha Face Mask

So easy and a really good detox!
Matchas high antioxidant content makes this a really beneficial skin brightening face mask especially after a hot sticky day… although the honey’s pretty sticky!

1-3 teaspoons of Matcha powder
1-3 teaspoons of set raw honey (don’t use runny honey)

Mix together to form a paste. Immediately rub on a clean face and neck.
Wash off with cold water after 30 mins with a clean washcloth leaving the skin feeling tingly and vibrant!