Hi Harrison, really great to meet you and thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us about the moniker you record under.

Thanks for having me. My artist name is simply my own name with a few letters missing. I didn’t want to use my government name, so Haich Ber Na is more of a project rather than my entire existence.

You’re a completely self-taught musician. Can you tell us what inspired you to start making music and how you went about it without any formal training?

I first started making music in 2009. Back then, my friends and I used to rap; and we needed beats. We couldn’t really afford to buy them online and didn’t know any producers, so I just learnt how to make them myself. I guess it was a mixture of YouTube tutorials, experimenting and just learning to play by ear.

Your sound is very distinct – often blending sweet, soulful vocals with blippy, electronic sounds. Where do your ideas come from?

I’m interested in opposites – soft v rough, sweet v sour, natural v fake, etc. With my Haich Ber Na project, I’m trying to find the sweet spot in between a lot of genres and feelings. Breaking categorisation excites me. And when it comes to writing, I start with a blank canvas and experiment until something catches my ear. It can be a chord, a sound, anything. That’ll be the base; then I’ll keep layering sounds until it feels (somewhat) like a ‘song’.

And what are your influences?

Topic-wise, life in general, my stories or my friends’ stories. Music really is therapy, so I lean towards talking about the problems and emotions that many of us go through. Artist-wise it’s such a long list, I have a playlist on my Spotify page with some amazing songs which really influenced the last record.


After your latest release five-track EP ‘Everyone’s Home’ at the end of last year, what can we expect from you in 2020?

Right now I’m finishing the music for my third project and directing a short film which will coincide with it. I also want to release more this year before I start on my debut album.

Are you playing live at all in the coming months?

I’m playing the Sebright Arms pub any day now. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s sold out, and a really cool artist called Jasper Lotti is opening. I’m hoping to showcase my live set more this year.

And can we expect any new music from you too?

Yes, more than last year. Around June time, hopefully, and sooner if possible. Keep your eyes on socials.

What advice would you give to any aspiring musicians?

Stay focused, keep good people close to you and stay true to yourself.

When you’re not making music, what else do you get up to?

Cooking or eating mostly. Trying and perfecting recipes is one of my favourite things right now. It’s quite similar to making music, in a strange way. I go to galleries and watch a lot of Netflix like everyone. I should probably get a few more hobbies.