Founded in 2018, BEEN London is an award-winning British accessories brand that creates collections entirely from recycled materials. Championing sustainability, and with a business model centred around optimistic innovation and intelligent design, they are transforming the narrative on waste-bound material.




This limited edition conscious collaboration is handmade in London from felt created from post-consumer plastic bottles. Created in one of East London’s last remaining bag workshops, Co2 emissions are reduced to a minimum whilst upholding a transparent supply chain.



“I’ve long admired their collections and ethos and we share a lot of synergy as like-minded brands, so our collaboration happened very organically. As we name all our products after a much-loved place in London, it seemed fitting that we named this collection after the road YMC’s store has been part of for 13 years, which further pays tribute to our home city and the communities we all love to be part of.”

Genia Mineeva, Founder of BEEN London