• September 2020

    Interview: Femi Fem

    We’ve been masterminding our next YMC Journal all summer and it’s a special one! Enjoy a deep dive into the world of our friend Femi Fem, an iconic stalwart of the London music scene.From hosting legendary parties to forming Young… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Pref

    Hi Alex, how’re things? I hope all is well. Hi. All is as well as can be, thanks. I think.   We’ve just launched a capsule collection with you. We’re really stoked with your designs; they look brilliant. Can you… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Patternity

    Patternity – Pioneers of Positive Change     Really great to chat with you. And great name. Can you quickly explain what you guys do? Well, our core mission is “to use pattern to inspire more mindful living and positive… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Haich Ber Na

    Haich Ber Na AKA Harrison Bernard     Hi Harrison, really great to meet you and thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us about the moniker you record under. Thanks for having me. My artist name… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Quantic

    Will Holland AKA Quantic, musician   Can I start by asking how you got into music? My parents were both really into music, and there was a lot of instruments, and records and tapes at home when I was a… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Scarlet & Violet florists

    Vic Brotherson, owner of Scarlet & Violet florists     How long have you been a florist? 28 years. That’s shocking; even for me seeing it written down.   How did you get into the business? I left university with… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Ruby Savage

    Ruby Savage, DJ and founder of Don’t Be a Creep   Hi Ruby, how are you? Hope all is well. Thanks for taking time to speak to us at YMC. We love music at YMC; it’s integral to everything that… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Don Letts

    Don Letts, DJ, Musician and Filmmaker     
Hi Don, great to chat with you. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. You’ve done so much in your career but it really all started on the King’s Road in… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Hetty Douglas

    Hetty Douglas, Artist     Hi Hetty, how’re things? I hope all is well with you, and you are excited about the new decade. Could I start by asking you to tell us a little bit about your work? What inspires… Read more

  • September 2020

    Interview: Hai Bags

    Tessa Vermeulen, founder of Hai bags and Gennaro Leone, senior curator at Boiler Room     
Tessa, we’re really excited here at YMC to start stocking Hai bags. Can you tell us a bit about the brand? I grew up… Read more

  • July 2020

    Interview – Femi Fem

    We’ve been masterminding our next YMC Journal all summer and it’s a special one! Enjoy a deep dive into the world of our friend Femi Fem, an iconic stalwart of the London music scene.⁠ ⁠ From hosting legendary parties to… Read more

  • April 2019

    Alternative Record Store Day 2019

    Record Store Day is upon us! Once again, we turn to our creative director and co-founder Fraser Moss to share five alternative record selections unearthed from his personal archives. “My record collection is like a diary to my life &… Read more

  • April 2019

    A Conversation With Hawksmill Denim

    Hawksmill Denim Co is a British premium denim brand founded in 2015 with the aim of making the best jeans available in the market today. Using authentic manufacturing and materials to create garments that shun fashion trends in favour of good… Read more

  • March 2019

    Weavers Of The Clouds

    In appreciation for the rich history of south American textiles which has informed the making of our Chicano SS19 collection, we can highly recommend this culture trip coming to London this summer. Weavers of the Clouds brings the captivating designs… Read more

  • December 2018

    Krampus Disco! | Spotify Playlist

    We’ve taken the spirit of Christmas to heart this year with a slightly darker spin on the festive sound. Step inside the Krampus Disco!     More playlists? Yes, of course. We keep a solid collection.   Read more

  • November 2018

    The Nights Are Drawing In | Spotify Playlist

    As we say farewell to those last few clear skies. Let’s celebrate the changing of the season with this short playlist of Autumn inspired grooves.     More playlists? Yes, of course. We keep a solid collection.   Read more

  • October 2018

    Nature Boy Playlist

    Kick back with this playlist of authentic hippie grooves influenced by Eden Ahbez, the original nature boy who inspired the AW18 collection. Read more

  • June 2018


    To celebrate the launch of our football kit in collaboration with Mundial Magazine, we’re having a little get together to listen to good music, drink good beer and speculate on England’s strategy for the upcoming World Cup, what’s better for… Read more

  • May 2018

    Psych Out Playlist

    Plenty of sun-kissed exotic rhythms to explore, straight from the heart of Brazil’s tropicalia movement.   Get loose, let it all hang out! Read more

  • April 2018

    Record Store Day 2018 – five subversive selections

    It’s that time of year again! Record Store Day is finally upon us and it’s a big date in the calender for all at YMC. With the sun finally beaming across London town, we’re all set to mark the occasion with… Read more