Brian Nasty, musician from London, wears the ‘Mads’ style.

Hi Brian. How’s things? Hope all is well.

Things are well actually. I put out my debut album Pyjama Party last week. And the sun is shining so I can’t complain right now. I probably could but I shouldn’t.

What’s with the name? You seem lovely, not at all nasty.

Haha. Brian Nasty was a joke when I made my first song. I didn’t know what to call myself and it just stuck.

And your music doesn’t seem nasty? It’s got a really positive vibe to it.

Yeah, maybe that one song, ‘Thinking About My Lover’. I was in love when I made that; things change though. Most of my music is pretty juxtaposed. I want it to sound pretty and look nice but if you look twice you hear and see things that aren’t too nice.

When did you start making music? What inspired you to become a musician?

I started playing the drums in primary school when I was 10 years old. My older sister played guitar and I just loved hearing and being around it. And then I thought, “how hard could it be?” In secondary school I was in a band called Baja but it never took off. A couple of members left so it sort of fell apart. After that I ended up making my own music. And three years later here I am.

How would you describe your music?

I really don’t know. I make what sounds and feels right. I’d like to think it’s innovative and refreshing sonically. I like to try new things and merge old ways of making music with new ones. My subject matter is kinda just sad and dreary, I can’t lie. I use my music to talk honestly about my problems but I’m trying to change that to make it lighter for people to listen to. I’d say I make mood music.

You shot the video for your single ‘Thinking of my Lover’ in the Cat Cafe in London. What’s with the cats? You’re an animal lover, then?

Yeah, I did. My friend Jack Risbridger did all the visuals and it came out sick. I am an animal lover. Really, they just kinda make me smile. But the reason I shot it there is because the person it was about is really feline and reminds me of cats. But I wanted the video to be timeless so I decided to shoot the cats instead of the person it’s about. So every time you hear the song it makes you smile. I don’t though, sadly.

Who influences you and your music? Who are your favourite artists?

I actually don’t know. I get asked this a lot and I can’t really describe what influences me. Odd Future were heroes and made me believe in myself. But Kanye West is just incredible to me. His progression as an artist is unmatched. I really love Homeshake too. It’s a totally unique expression and I’m all for that. I also like the thought of regular things influencing me like food, places, moods, experiences, etc. And the fact that different things appeal to different people. I’d like to think I’ll eventually make music everyone can enjoy.

Tell us a bit about your style.

My style? I just want it to be a mixture of old and new. I like dressing like an old man and dressing like I’m into all the trendy streetwear. I can’t explain it. I just like the things I like.

What’s next?

I’m going to New York in June with my friends. That’s gonna be amazing. I’m trying to get things moving with my music, and do a show out there and meet people across the pond. I’m hoping to go around Europe too. I’d love to go visit Iceland to see the volcanoes. And to have a beach holiday as I never been on one before. But yeah, travel hopefully. We’ll see. I like to go with the flow.