• January 2023

    Atelier LK

    Collaborative design studio Atelier LK is the brainchild of New York-based artist Ruby Kean and London-based founder of A Good Chair, Lisa Jones. The pair launched in late 2021 with an exhibition entitled No. 43, held in the London Fields… Read more

  • December 2022

    Edward Delling-Williams

    British chef, restaurateur and daytime Emmy nominee, Edward Delling Williams has been at the forefront of the Parisian Neo-bistro scene since he opened Le Grand Bain over a decade ago. But, earlier this year, Edward left Paris for the coastal Normandy village of Heugueville, where he’s opened new… Read more

  • November 2022

    Jessie Jobst

    Towards the end of 2019, motorcyclist Jessie Jobst quit her job and set off in her idol Anne-France Dautheville’s footsteps, on a trip around the world. By the time Covid-19 hit in March 2020, she had made it as far… Read more

  • November 2022

    Luke Unabomber

    Luke Una has been lighting up dance floors since the 80s when he found himself at the heart of Manchester and Sheffield’s burgeoning rave scenes. Over the decades since, he’s followed the rave wherever it’s taken him, becoming a sought-after… Read more

  • October 2022

    Chelsea Leyland

    Model, DJ and now medical start-up founder, Chelsea Leyland isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. In 2020, galvanised by her own tortuous journey to find effective treatments for her epilepsy and long-undiagnosed endometriosis, Chelsea and business partner Tatiana founded Looni, a female-led start-up… Read more

  • September 2022

    The Avenues Youth Project

    To celebrate the launch of our Stevie Wonder T-shirt collaboration with The Avenues Youth Project, we caught up with Carol Archibald, Director of Programmes and Marcus Leon, Senior Youth Worker. Both members as children, they tell us about the important… Read more

  • September 2022

    Sheyi Cole

    After starring in Steve McQueen’s BAFTA-winning Small Axe at the tender age of 20, actor Sheyi Cole has had an annus mirabilis. We caught up with him to chat about working with legends, playing real people and his upcoming Netflix… Read more

  • August 2022

    Mathilde Lin

    Mathilde Lin is a multidisciplinary dancer, choreographer and model, raised between France and China. After training at the Rudra Béjart school in Lausanne, Mathilde joined the IT Dansa company in Barcelona, followed by a season at Żfin, Malta’s national repertory… Read more

  • August 2022

    Dan Shake

    Aptly named musician and DJ Dan Shake has earned a reputation as an international party starter. Having been thrust from behind the scenes into the limelight somewhat prematurely after a chance encounter with Detroit legend Moodymann, Dan (real last name… Read more

  • July 2022


    In 2011, when Brett Redman and Samantha Lim opened the original outpost of their restaurant, Elliot’s, in Borough Market, they introduced London to a new kind of formal dining — simple, deliciously prepared food, served in an elegant but unpretentious… Read more

  • June 2022

    Laura Misch

    Hailing from London, Laura Misch is a singer-songwriter and saxophonist. Her work often explores the environment and our relationship with nature. In pursuit of new and emotive sounds, she has developed her own recording equipment that she uses within the… Read more

  • May 2022


    Over the past ten years, yoga teacher, author and soon-to-be mother, Gabrielle Hales has been practicing and teaching yoga, under the moniker Secret Yoga Club and more recently, curating retreats and experiences, which Gabrielle refers to as ‘offerings’. In 2020,… Read more

  • April 2022


    Footballer Ian Wright MBE has had quite a career. After being rejected by several clubs as a teenager, he trained as a bricklayer and had all but given up on his dream of playing professionally when a Crystal Palace scout saw him playing… Read more

  • April 2022

    Anousha Payne

    Artist Anousha Payne explores her own relationship with spirituality through the characters and objects she creates, imbuing them with the energy and personality of living things. Combining ceramics with natural textiles such as snakeskin to create spellbinding ‘hybrid objects’, Anousha’s… Read more

  • March 2022

    Maverick Sabre

    As Maverick Sabre returns with one of the first major Irish albums of the year, Don’t Forget To Look Up, we sit down with him to to discuss his plans ahead… Read more

  • March 2022


    Nam and Susi are the co-founders of Cernamic pottery studio, a welcoming and homely studio in Stoke Newington built on the belief that every person has an innate desire to create that we are often unable to nurture in modern… Read more

  • January 2022

    Shy One

    Mali Larrington-Nelson AKA Shy One lives and breathes the eclecticism and diversity of her DJ sets and productions. Having started off DJing on pirate radio at 13 years old, Shy One has been exposed to and influenced by the broad… Read more

  • January 2022

    Tom Furse

    Widely known as the keyboardist in the Horrors, the breadth of the other creative projects Tom Furse pursues across music, art, and fashion may be less well known. We sat down to learn more about the myriad of his solo ventures, the music exciting him at the moment as well as to reminisce about the early days of the Horrors. Read more

  • December 2021

    Jenny Van Sommers

    Jenny van Sommers is an artist based in Ibiza. An award-winning still-life photographer for 20 years, Van Sommers has worked for Prada, Calvin Klein and Vogue before shifting her focus to painting. Read more

  • December 2021

    Zoe Whitley

    Our next Journal interview is with the brilliant Zoé Whitley, an American art historian and curator who has been director of Chisenhale Gallery since 2020. Read more