Working with Emily Gubbay Studio, YMC presents a mini collection of upcycled archive pieces celebrating sustainable practices.



After several years working as a textile designer, Gubbay set up her own practice in order to tackle the damage caused by fast fashion and industrial printing and dyeing techniques.

For YMC, she has reimagined ten classic hero garments. Firstly, denim trousers, jackets and shirts have been hand screen-printed with a soya flour resist paste. Afterwards, they were dyed using a natural indigo to create a textured floral print. The same resist paste technique has also been used to create a ‘Y’ logo and hoops on the sleeves of an oversized men’s T-shirt.



Dating back to the eighth century, Shibori is a manual resist dye technique from Japan. Here, Gubbay has employed it to create a circle pattern on T-shirts. The same method was used for the women’s sweatshirt, which was then dyed in a logwood dye bath. Finally, the men’s sweatshirt was also dyed using this technique after a mordant paste screen print graphic was added.