This collection is a spiritual ode to the beautiful island of Ibiza, which, in the 1960s, became a mecca for artists seeking solace and serenity. A vital stop on the hippie trail in the 1970s, this Mediterranean paradise triggered a whole new cultural movement in the 1980s after DJs and clubbers discovered the Balearic sounds of DJ Alfredo and Jose Padilla.

Flashes of reactionary counterculture ideas are sprinkled throughout the collection — simple homespun looking embroidery features on several items, including our classic Chore jacket. Showing o an artisan sensibility, our Nordic star quilt design appears on lightly padded jackets and on the backs of shirts. Faux patchwork quilt prints on shirts and T-shirts are a celebration of joie de vivre and the frivolity of life. And this playfulness is amplified with our cheeky, naive all-over print of a chocolate-box hamlet which we have used on shirts and T-shirts.

Tonally, we have paired back the colour palette for this collection. Blacks, ecru, sage, lilac and browns all represent the perennial landscape of this mystical Mediterranean island. Once again, we have worked with soft, light fabrics. Expect to find comforting cottons and linens. And tactile textures in our jacquards, quilts and silky seersuckers.