For SS20, the sophomore collaboration between YMC and ASICS SportStyle takes design cues from the ‘Madchester’ scene of the late 1980s. Launching on the 5th of April, the collaboration gives us the ASICS Tarther OG shoe, a style originally released in 1983. By the Summer of 1987 – with the rave movement in full swing – this style was a mainstay on the feet of party-goers across the UK.

Aesthetically speaking, rave culture was a melting pot of juxtaposing styles. Sportswear was blended with prints from different cultures, and here YMC and ASICS Sportstyle celebrate this unique combination of styles with two distinctive colour ways, in Midnight Blue and Caramel Brown.

To our Design Director Fraser Moss, rave culture sought to find harmony among people from different backgrounds, coming together to celebrate a love of music. It is this celebration of togetherness and community that Moss seeks to revisit with this collaboration. The campaign celebrates the value of movement and the power of dance in bringing people together. There is joy in being lost in the moment: in expressive gesture, flow and togetherness.

The YMC X ASICS Tarther OG comes with a gum outsole and premium suede overlays. Each colour way features premium leather laces with beading. The upper is a rich canvas printed with YMC’s custom designed ikat print. Our YMC logo appears embroidered on the leather heel tab and embossed on the leather tongue. Tonal stitching on the uppers adds detail to accent the suede overlays.